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Why Staff With Us?

We provide visibility of open roles to a wider pool of candidates to increase the chance of finding the right fit for the job. With Radar, you save time by handling the time-consuming recruitment process like screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and conducting background checks. Our passion for the growth and well-being of our community is why we are committed to finding the perfect candidates for each role.

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Committed To Your Success

Radar is proud to champion clients in the public sphere who are great at the important work they're doing but need help addressing staff shortages and ongoing recruiting efforts.

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Tech-friendly With A Personal Touch

We reach candidates where they are. We communicate by text, phone calls, and emails and walk candidates through completing their online job applications.



We support job candidates from the first contact through the first week on the job. We choose not to automate processes where a relationship adds value.

Beyond Hiring

Employers often seek our services with an acute need.

We can help you hire for now and also support your long-term growth goals.


Talent Consulting

Together we'll develop the framework to define your company's hiring criteria. With this foundation, we'll create clear parameters for job scope and provide training to identify which candidates meet the bar.


Build A Candidate Pool

We offer guidance on everything from creating a job description to structuring salary. Using proven methods for recruiting talent, we fill a pipeline of candidates until you make the hire.

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End to End Recruiting Process Management

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Our Services Include
Talent Consulting
Candidate Generation
Candidate Management
Candidate Screening
Candidate Onboarding
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