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Getting Communities to Work

Custom hiring solutions for schools and local governments.

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Make staffing shortages history


Radar Talent Solutions works with your organization to reach, engage and support candidates through your hiring process.

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At Radar, our purpose is to get communities to work. We do this by offering end to end recruiting support that is simple, affordable and customized. We are an unapologetically local, mission driven company that cannot wait to get your community to work! 





High Success Rate





"Our program has had and continues to have an overwhelming interest. A great position to be in, you’d think. But when you can’t provide programming to those that need the care, you hear the pain, frustration, and desperation in parents and want to do nothing but help. The inability for us to hire enough staff for our childcare program led to an all-hands-on-deck situation within the department. We tried everything we could to provide alternative options for families while we worked on adding staffing. It was a very stressful time for the whole department. Radar Talent Solutions was willing to take a risk and try something different to help us. We were able to eliminate our waitlist because of the staff we hired through Radar. They have been a great support throughout the process and continue to work hard to get us the applicants/employees we need to provide care."

Rachel Hicks

Youth Programs Coordinator

Edina Public Schools Community Education

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Are you ready to get your community to work?

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