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Getting Communities to Work

Custom hiring solutions for schools and local governments

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Make staffing shortages history


Radar Talent Solutions works with your organization to reach, engage, and support candidates throughout your hiring process.

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At Radar, our reason for being is to get communities to work. We do this by offering start-to-finish recruiting support that is simple, affordable and customized. We are a local to the Twin Cities and driven to get OUR communities to work! 





High Success Rate





"Our program has had and continues to have an overwhelming interest. A great position to be in, you’d think. But when you can’t provide programming to those that need the care, you hear the pain, frustration, and desperation in parents and want to do nothing but help. The inability for us to hire enough staff for our childcare program led to an all-hands-on-deck situation within the department. We tried everything we could to provide alternative options for families while we worked on adding staffing. It was a very stressful time for the whole department. Radar Talent Solutions was willing to take a risk and try something different to help us. We were able to eliminate our waitlist because of the staff we hired through Radar. They have been a great support throughout the process and continue to work hard to get us the applicants/employees we need to provide care."

Rachel Hicks

Youth Programs Coordinator

Edina Public Schools Community Education

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Schools and local governments have unique recruiting challenges that have led to staffing shortages.

Working with many different school districts, we’ve identified three common challenges and offer strategic services to overcome them:

Make applying easier

It takes less than 5 minutes to apply from your phone for an hourly job at Starbucks, Target, or Amazon, but it can take 60 minutes and require a desktop computer to fill out the full job application for an hourly after-school care position. 


We developed a simple, mobile-friendly application that can be completed in under 60 seconds. 


Our recruiters call to screen each candidate, and we support those who advance through completion of the organization’s official application, which sometimes requires us to meet them in person or stay on the phone with them for an hour.

Increase your reach so candidates know you’re hiring

To get in front of candidates, your organization not only needs to post jobs, but advertise to boost your visibility. We optimize paid advertising on the top five job boards and ensure syndication to over 200 other platforms.


Ongoing support until the first day on the job

Our recruiters maintain contact with successful candidates through their background, reference, and fingerprint checks. We don’t let people fall off our radar–we stay in touch the way candidates prefer–through text, phone, and email.

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Are you ready to get your community to work?

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