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4 Tips to Recruit Innovative Staff in Education

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One of the most challenging things for a school or school district to do is recruit high-quality staff. Recruiting innovative staff is crucial for creating an engaging and effective learning environment. To attract such educators, school districts can implement the following strategies:

1. Always Recruit

It’s always a good time to build an applicant pool! Recruiters should be proactively looking for qualified candidates, year-round. Participate in education conferences and workshops focused on innovation in teaching and learning, and engage with educators at these events. Build partnerships with universities and teacher education programs to connect with aspiring teachers. Offer internships, guest lecturing opportunities, or mentorship programs to engage with potential candidates. This proactive approach allows you to connect with passionate teachers and identify and nurture talent early on.

2. Modernize Recruiting Practices

Invest in a well designed website to attract new applicants. Utilize online platforms and job portals specifically dedicated to education, such as LinkedIn or education-focused Facebook groups. These platforms often attract passionate and forward-thinking teachers seeking new opportunities. Establish a strong online presence through social media platforms and focus on reasons why teachers would want to work with you. Highlight your commitment to innovation, showcase success stories, and promote a supportive and collaborative work culture. This can attract tech-savvy teachers who are eager to leverage digital tools in their teaching.

3. Encourage Teacher Referrals

Implement a referral program where current teachers can recommend innovative educators they know. Offer incentives for successful referrals, such as bonuses, professional development opportunities, or recognition. Teachers often network with like-minded individuals and can refer candidates who align with your school’s values.

4. Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits:

While innovative teachers are often motivated by a sense of purpose and passion, competitive compensation and benefits remain important. Ensure that your school offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Relocation and housing stipends may also be a perk to consider, as millennials are far more likely to relocate for a job than other age groups. Other benefits can include signing bonuses, programs to help non-teaching staff to become credentialed teachers and programs to help secondary students prepare for a future in teaching.

Remember, recruitment is only the first step. To retain and support innovative teachers, it is crucial to provide them with a nurturing environment, ongoing professional development, and opportunities to showcase and implement their ideas.



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